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Family Vacation in Asia?

Traveling as a family can be very exciting! It can also be nerve racking as well, especially if you guys are going out of the country. You want to make sure everyone has everything and anything they need for an emergency. The plane ride can be tough especially if it’s over 10 hours long. It’s even tougher if you have a toddler or even worse, two or three. Regardless, this trip will be an amazing experience for your family to bond together and open up minds. If you’re looking for cheap flights from Bangalore To Delhi Flights, be sure to check out Travelyze.

The best times to travel with kids is when they are young. They are more transportable and also don’t take up as much room, especially when it comes to luggage. It’s tough though because kids are short tempered and have short attention spans as well. Maybe they might not realize how exciting the trip is. Remind them that this is a once in a lifetime experience and that they are very lucky to be able to travel the world. Don’t push it too much though, you don’t want them to think of only bad memories when they remember this trip.

When in Asia with your family, there are so many different activities to do! Make sure to plan something out for almost everyday, making sure to leave some room for relaxation and free exploration.

The Alder Yarrow Interview

Alder Yarrow is one of the most influential and respected wine bloggers writing today.  He is acknowledged to have been one of the very first to begin blogging about wine years ago.  He is, perhaps, the earliest practitioner.  Since then, Yarrow has gone on to notoriety with the widely read Vinography.

He is decidedly Generation X.  The natural integration of Internet technology to publish and reach an audience that the wine establishment had yet to accede has made him the go to guy in the world of vino criticism.  Yarrow isn’t cool because he  puts on a detached, hipster image.  He’s cool because he embraces his inner geekdom and, as such, is accessible.  And, so too, are the wines he talks to us about.

Google “wine blogger” and one will note over 3 million search results.  That is how ubiquitous the description has become.  At the very top is Alder Yarrow and Vinography.

He tells it like it is, often with unflinching honesty.  This past January he blogged that if there were one thing he could change about America and wine he would “choose to destroy the association between wine and the upper class. The fact that wine continues to be thought of as the beverage of the elite does more damage to the future of the industry in this country than any other phenomenon”

He knows where to pick the fight. Yarrow is at the apex of his game, using Vinography to weigh in on restaurants, books, the occasional indulgent rant and obligatory wine industry news. The also talks a lot about good food and wine pairings. There’s nothing like nice piece of grilled steak to pair with your wine. If you’re interested in food and wine pairings, you need to get your hands on a Nexgrill BBQ grill. Here are some Nexgrill Reviews to help you decide which grill is best for you.

We were delighted when he agreed to our interview request.What was it about wine or the experience of wine that so compelled you to want to write about it?

Mostly it was having to answer the same damn questions about “what was my favorite Merlot” from my friends over and over again. That’s what got me started on the blog. But once I started, it was clear that Vinography was a creative outlet for me. I’ve written and taken writing classes my whole life, so I guess I just needed someplace to do it.Has your impact and success surprised you?

It’s not clear exactly what my impact is, really, but certainly I never would have expected that I’d be the world’s most lauded wine blogger, mostly because when I started, I was just a passionate consumer, and my knowledge of wine still pales in comparison to some of my wine writing peers.Do you worry that your role as a writer could be misinterpreted or diminished if you came to be regarded as merely an arbiter of good taste?

Hell, I don’t even know what an arbiter is. Is that some sort of dental bridge?Wine blogging has become a cottage industry. It’s similar to music and technology as a passion subject matter. Can you explain why so many people have a propensity to write about wine?

People write about wine the same reason they write about food, or other experiential subjects that involve multiple senses and sensibilities. Wine is romantic, historic, cultural, social, philosophical, and on top of all that, damn tasty.What blogs do you enjoy?

I read more than 200 different wine blogs, and about 150 other blogs on a regular basis. OK, so maybe “skim” is the better word. Some of the blogs I actually do read are Tom Wark’s “Fermentation,” Lettie Teagues “Over a Barrel,” Steve Bachmann’s “The Wine Collector,” Eric Asimov’s “The Pour,” Cory Cartwright’s “Saignee,” among others. I also regularly read Seth Godin’s Blog, BoingBoing, and 3Quarks DailyIs criticism mechanics or is it really a creative art?

If it were mechanics, then someone would have invented a computer program to do it by now. And while we may be getting close to a computer program that’s able to predict what score Robert Parker might give to a wine based on mass spectrometry and statistical analysis, that ain’t criticism. Criticism is an interpretive dance done by people with a lot more knowledge than their audience in an attempt to help them appreciate the subject of criticism and help them make choices about what they want to spend their time enjoying. Or maybe I ought to take all that back and just say: criticism is storytelling.You are prolific and in interviews have stated that content in king. With so much content on the Internet do you worry that quality is just something writers sweep aside in order to refresh the page?

Of course. Look at how much crap is generated on a daily basis. Bloggers cringe when they hear critics say that most blogs are complete junk, but it’s absolutely true. How did wine ever get associated with snobbery or elitism?  It’s seen even among hipsters.  When did that begin and do you agree that it is being largely stripped away?

I wrote a whole piece on this, called The Travesty of Wine and Social Class in America that can provide a better answer than I could spontaneously generate for you. It seems to us that the monetization of Vinography has been done with integrity. Do you find it hard to say no sometimes? I’m laughing because it’s pretty difficult to say that Vinography is really monetized. Yes, I have a pretty strict policy when it comes to making sure that I don’t compromise my objectivity and integrity as a critic. I don’t find it hard to say no, but my wife complains every time I tell her she has to write back to LVMH and tell them that we won’t take their money.

Hong Kong Delight

Hong Kong is one of the most popular places in China and for a good reason. It has so much to offer. Did you know that it was also a business capital of the world?

Hong Kong is also big on it’s night life attractions. Many tourists around the world from the U.S. to the U.K, from Australia and the surrounding Asian neighbor countries, people from everywhere come together in the amazing place of Hong Kong. While finding the best area to stay in Hong Kong may be  bit difficult, it doesn’t have to be. Just think about the types of activities you will be getting involved in and research where can accomodate those wants and desires.

A great place in Hong Kong is the Kowloon Hotel. It’s very high end so if you’re on the richer side this may be a place for you. This is in a very friendly tourist area and even has a club lounge for the guests to hang out at, have a few drinks and relax before going out into the city. While you walk around Hong Kong, you may feel overwhelmed, especially if you’re not used to big cities. Just make sure you keep a map on hand to not get lost and don’t panic.

Supposed Hidden Ocean in Chinese Desert

What do you think? I’m really amazed by this footage…

The Yellow Mountains!

The country is endowed by the vast and varied land of China with some of the most amazing natural scene on earth. In the scenic karst landscape to the precipitous columns in Zhangjiajie, to the Rainbow Mountains in Zhangye in the brilliant lakes in Jiuzhaigou, China’s varied natural beauty is as striking as its glorious culture.

The landscape consists . Their colours seem in complete vibrancy when sunlight shines on them. When the vast reddish stone formations are just place against a pure blue sky it resembles an oil painting.

The best time to shoot picture of these mountains is in the morning and during sundown, particularly sundown, when the shades change constantly, revealing reddish and yellow layers covered by a light grey layer.

A picture of a rambling pine tree growing from a peculiarly- stone that is curved pops into Chinese heads when they learn of the Yellow Mountains.

Mist and these mysterious -ical mountains are most well-known and the most amazing in China. Their classic draws are grand mornings and their “four natural wonders”: strange pines, strangely-shaped stone, seas of clouds, and hot springs.

Just about 2½ hours are taken by a bus from Hangzhou to the Yellow Mountains.


Keep Yourself Safe and Aware

If you are traveling around the world, particularly there are more than a few essential things to remember when it comes to your cash, your health, your security and general well being.

– eat out only at restaurants

The bacteria in these states may not respond in your gut. This is why these foods are eaten by the locals without any trouble whereas extra precaution should be taken by you

– restrict how much cash you take

Having lots of cash means it is possible to lose it more easy.

– ids in your bag and keep reserve cards

You never know when you might lose significant cards or ids so you do not get stuck and it is so crucial that you have some extras on hand or can not confirm who you’re.

– do not be overly favorable with locals

It is okay to speak to the folks that are local, but there’s this kind of thing as being overly favorable. They might not leave you or might make an effort to ask you for cash.

– study an area before you see

Please be sure to understand about where you happen to be going. Understand that you will not be near specific interests you were expecting to see and you do not need to go someplace. Doing a google search is not difficult, so ensure that you ask some questions there.

I expect as they were for me these are extremely useful for you!

China – Beijing Edition

Beijing must be among the most providential cities on earth. I ended spending much time here and I’ve done a lot.

I walked along the week around essentially the entire city in increments. I saw so many amazing flowers and crossed bridges that were breathtaking. I rode a bike nearly half the time. I definitely recommend that you just rent a bike as it is lots of fun AND a truly fantastic way to squeeze in some exercise when you visit Beijing!

I can not leave out performance arts and the museums. The technology progress along with the poise and elegance so amaze me the Chinese people have.

It is a state that is great. Beijing should undoubtedly be in your bucket list.

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